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Carmen Constantine continuously strive to be more efficient and environmentally responsible.  We are committed to environmental sustainability in our role as a manufacturer.  We respect the limits of the planet’s environment, resources and biodiversity by wood, and in particular wood veneer, as one of nature’s finest creations, so it is essential that our forests are managed to protect the longevity and sustainability.  Not only do these forests produce the excellent raw material used for many purposes across the globe, they are also areas of outstanding natural beauty and home to many living plants and animals.

The veneer companies which our company uses, are fully FSC® and PEFC™ accredited. They take great pride in maintaining that their supply chain are also fully accredited and feel the same way about our forests as we do. After all, we all have the mandate to protect the future of forests.

They are also fully compliant with the EUTR guidelines, which were enforced in March 2013. These guidelines mean they have to perform due diligence on their suppliers.  Our suppliers are among the most reputable veneer manufacturers around the world.



Carmen Constantine is also committed to sourcing sustainable materials and our products are created using wood which has been legally logged from sustainable forests. Where possible, we purchase FSC approved materials. Where we cannot purchase FSC approved materials, we ensure that we know, with 100% clarity, that the materials do come from a sustainable source. 


All design and manufacture are proudly produced in the United Kingdom. We aim to help our customers meet their environmental commitments by providing a range of products that meet the highest environmental standards.  We are fully committed to the efficient use of energy by ensuring its use and the recycling of waste at our operational site. To purchasing timber products from legal sources and seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.  We unreservedly condemn illegal logging practices, and aim to keep ourselves informed of changes in international processes and legislation.


We use Fedex for our UK and overseas deliveries. They use the latest in computerised route planning to ensure any collections are made on the same trip and reduce the amount of fuel used. Each of their vehicles use AdBlue™ technology which greatly reduces the release of CO2 emissions into the environment. 

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