The irreplaceable, undeniable, skill of the human touch through hand-finishing


What is Hand finishing?

The term “hand-finishing” includes a wide array of fine decorations and subtle enhancements, painstakingly performed by hand on to cabinet components once they’ve come from the machine that produced them.

Finishing enables intense focus on every millimetre of each cabinet and smoothes away any tiny burrs or traces of machining that may impede perfection. Hones cabinetry symmetrical edges that look identical to each other and protects against the elements through traditional waxing, staining and polishing techniques.  These different processes transform exquisite, sensitive raw material into a material of luxurious, alluring beauty.


























The jewel in the crown of a Carmen Constantine cabinet resides in this fact - From its dovetailed carcass and veneering to its fine intricate wire stitching, it has been finished by hand by a dedicated, trained specialist, with skills passed down through generations. Needless to say, whether a particular process ensures the flawless appearance of the furniture piece  for years to come or is purely aesthetic, hand-finishing of any kind calls for honed knowledge of centuries-old technique. As well as great dexterity, it’s often carried out on one of nature's finest - organic, raw materials that have the insatiable ability to continually transform through unique, natural movement into beautiful, timeless objects of desire. 

Hand-finishing expertise is also part and parcel of the stunning range of rare handcrafts produced by Carmen Constantine. This artistry is employed to craft exquisite cabinets, future collections, designed to perfection - featuring steam-bending, veneering, hand-stitching and dovetailing.

Every single detail is taken into account to achieve the best conceivable result. All elements of a furniture piece (including the movement of doors, drawers, hinges, inside and outside of the cabinet) are immaculately finished.  Even down to the shadows these cabinets form for maximum impact are well explored. 

Methods range from bevelling and polishing to the complex steam-laminating, bespoke hinges or the gently abrasive pressing that results in the original, identifiable, branding;  (“Carmen C Constantine”).

Our signature hand-finishing and hand-stitching reinforces Carmen Constantine as a groundbreaking luxury furniture brand. A brand synonymous with luxury, beauty, innovation and high-craftsmanship. Showing well-thought intricate detailing, sumptuous rich materials, processes, quality and craftsmanship of each cabinet in a range of interior spaces. Creating an impassioned response and insatiable need to own each object of beauty.  The enthralled human touch that brings about connection, pride of ownership to both owner and craftsman, which for Us begins the metacognitive, creative journey of a shared legacy by achieving the highest level of craftsmanship to serve generations to come. 

Making A Carmen Constantine Cabinet Part 1 
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